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From Passion Pursuits to Investment Strategy, VESTED Magazine features a diverse collection of topics and interests.

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Money Mindset

Putting Money Habits to Good Use

The habits that we’ve formed over our lifetimes help define us. We have physical habits, mental habits, habits of character, personal...

Lasting Legacy

More Than a Drop in the Bucket

If you’ve ever seen the 2007 film The Bucket List, you probably remember that it’s about a couple of terminally ill...

Planning Feature

Try It On for Size

Today’s healthy retirees may live 25 years or more beyond their primary working years. That’s a lot of years. But more...

Second Act

Blues Tour de Forst

It’s June 2008. Tom Forst, a regional vice president at Cox Communications Group, is about to walk away from 25 years...

Lifestyle Feature

Lifestyle Lockdown

Imagine 10 or 20 years from now, telling our grandchildren and great-grandchildren about the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. What will we...

Client Conversations

Client Conversations

In this issue, VESTED explores what opportunities a holiday from required minimum distributions presents to retirees in 2020, a few planning...

Passion Pursuits

In-Home Yoga

If you’re not yet ready to get back into group exercise, you can still embark on a fitness journey that will...

Investment Strategy

Planning a Post-Pandemic Portfolio

We are living through a significant moment in history: the first pandemic of the modern era. The COVID-19 virus has rocked...

Expert Angle

Learning to Talk the Talk

Vacationers often pick up a French or Mandarin phrase book to prepare for a trip overseas, but did you know that...

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