Inclusion + Diversity at CAPTRUST

Inclusion + Diversity is about empowerment.

A diverse, connected, and fully empowered workforce celebrates and leverages our differences, which drives value for clients, communities, and one another.

We are committed to designing and implementing a framework for inclusion, diversity, and belonging. Our Inclusion + Diversity Council is led by senior leaders and reports to the CEO; provides advocacy, support, and resources for our employees; expands employee enrichment and development opportunities; and focuses on increasing the diversity of our workforce and leadership.

Our focus is to:

  • Ensure that every employee feels seen, heard, and respected
  • Improve employees’ range of diversity experience and learning
  • Increase diversity of workforce and leadership team

To that end, we have established four pillars that serve as the foundation for progress: awareness, development, engagement, and networking.


Spread awareness of the facets of diversity, both in the workplace and in the community. Establish a safe space to encourage open dialogue and elevate diverse voices.


Support the personal and professional growth of employees through mentorship, skills-based learning, and resources that are easily accessible.


Cultivate belonging through increased connection, collaboration, and engagement in order to foster a truly inclusive environment.


Expand opportunities for colleagues to interact both formally and informally, broadening their spheres of influence and cultivating a sense of belonging and support.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at CAPTRUST

The ERGs at CAPTRUST create safe spaces where individuals can have real conversations, develop, and support one another in building community and a sense of belonging at work.

BIPOC Professional Network (BPN)​

BPN fosters an environment that empowers, supports, and celebrates the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color at CAPTRUST.

Living in Faith Together (LIFT)

LIFT supports colleagues of any faith and those of no faith who are interested in learning about and celebrating religious diversity.


PRIDE encourages and promotes a safe environment for our LGBTQ+ employees and their allies, so that each person feels welcome and encouraged to be their authentic selves.

Women Inspire, Support, Encourage (WISE) Network

WISE provides a supportive environment that empowers women at CAPTRUST to achieve their personal and professional goals ​and cultivate meaningful relationships.


Honor is for veterans, employees serving in the Guard/Reserve, military family members, and their allies.


Enable’s mission is to increase belonging and enable our CAPTRUST colleagues with disabilities and their allies through workplace training and resources, a supportive environment, and the development of meaningful relationships.