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The CAPTRUST culture is one of ownership, excellence, teamwork, and innovation. Bound together by our mission and our core values, we embrace the profound responsibility of our role as trusted financial advisors, and we understand our obligation to be vigilant stewards of everything that is entrusted to us.

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Please note: This is a transcription so there may be slight grammatical errors.

Speaker 1:

It is absolutely an amazing feeling, coming to a job that you love every single day.

Speaker 2:

I look forward to Monday. I look forward to walking off that elevator, thinking to myself, “What am I going to give back to CAPTRUST today?”

Speaker 3:

You’re working with the best and the brightest.

Speaker 4:

You always walk into work knowing that you’re going to learn something, knowing that you’re going to grow.

Speaker 1:

You can feel teamwork and collaboration happening in every single department that we have.

Speaker 5:

If you have a good idea, they’ll let you run with it and build it and nurture that.

Speaker 6:

People in different departments are constantly mentoring me and encouraging me to ask for more, to pursue different options.

Speaker 7:

The challenges that the company faces today are going to be different tomorrow, and the leaders at the company are looking towards you to find solutions for those problems.

Speaker 8:

This isn’t the type of work environment where things are going to get stale.

Speaker 9:

There are so many events here at CAPTRUST that we’re all a part of, outside of work. It just makes it a family.

Speaker 4:

Whether it’s pickup basketball or the bowling league that we have.

Speaker 6:

We go get a beer after work. There’s kayaking trips. We go to the dur bowls game.

Speaker 5:

Taking time out to have fun, taking time out to do family things. They care about you as an individual above you as an employee.

Speaker 2:

We all share our mission to enrich the lives of our clients and our colleagues and our communities.

Speaker 3:

We actually have a foundation here, that is ran by the employees.

Speaker 6:

We have volunteer PTO hours, whether it’s to go to their child’s school and help with lunch or whether it’s to go clean up trash in the park. We can all use those volunteer hours however we see best fit.

Speaker 10:

When I find myself having a beer with friends, I’m the one bragging about my job, and so, what am I bragging about? One word, opportunity.

Speaker 6:

One of the incentives is the ability to own stock, and you don’t have to buy it. They grant it to you.

Speaker 3:

My success is the firm’s success, and the firm’s success is my success.

Speaker 9:

We are directly involved in the future of this company, and that makes me certainly grow closer to everyone else who works here.

Speaker 11:

Instead of a job, it’s a journey, and every day, you’re taking a step towards a longer term goal.

Speaker 4:

You want to be surrounded by people that challenge you, and I intend on staying at CAPTRUST for as long as I can.

Speaker 9:

I have worked other places, but I’ve never been this happy.

Speaker 7:

My career in the future is here at CAPTRUST.

Speaker 9:

I work for CAPTRUST, and it is absolutely the best place in the world.

Speaker 1:

There’s no stopping us. There’s nothing we can’t do. It’s awesome.


Employee Benefits

Explore a Few Program

  • 401(k) with employer match
  • PPO and HDHP health insurance plans
  • Dental and vision plans
  • Health savings accounts (HSA) with employer contributions
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA)
  • Telemedicine for 24/7 diagnosis and treatment
  • Life insurance/AD&D coverage
  • Short- and long-term disability coverage
  • Maternity and parental leaves
  • Access to mental health experts and wellness benefits
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Adoption assistance

We offer opportunities for growth both inside and outside of work.


  • Employee ownership shareholder program
  • Brick Bonus success-sharing program
  • Employee and client referral bonuses


  • Recognition and awards aligned with core values
  • Firm-wide culture committee
  • Opportunities for Internal transfers and promotions

Inclusion + Diversity

  • Employee resource groups (ERGs)
  • Continued commitment to an equitable culture


  • Employee-run charitable foundation
  • Company-sponsored volunteer activities
  • Paid volunteer hours
A smiling woman in business attire
Our varied experiences and perspectives combined with our aligned set of values allow us to all get better together. I’ve been fortunate to witness CAPTRUST’s energizing, fun, and collaborative culture—a community where great ideas and independent thinking are cherished. It’s a place where my whole self, not just my professional self, is valued and supported.
Christina Lecholop
Principal, Financial Advisor
Shaun Eskamani
CAPTRUST is a special firm where employees are not just team members, but family members. While significantly expanding our geographic footprint during my 12 years at the firm, we’ve remained steadfast and laser focused on fulfilling our mission to enrich the lives of our clients, colleagues, and communities. These core principles of our ownership structure and culture were created by Fielding and are enthusiastically embraced by the entire organization.
Shaun Eskamani
Principal, Financial Advisor
Award TBJ Best Places to Work Ribbon
NAPA' Top Plan Advisors Under 40 Award 2021
Fast 50 Award
Barron's 2021 Top Financial Advisors
NAPA Top Women Advisors
NAPA Top DC Advisor Teams

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