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Executives & Business Owners

Comprehensive wealth planning, risk management, and investments tailored to your risk profile and goals.

How we can help

We help successful executives and business owners manage their complex financial lives.

Executives and business owners need experienced advisors who will focus on their best interests—without an agenda—to provide comprehensive wealth planning and investment management tailored to their risk profile and goals.

In addition, they often need help addressing the challenges of maximizing corporate benefits, planning stock option exercise, and managing single stock risk.

CAPTRUST Blueprint Pro

CAPTRUST guides many individuals and corporations through the complex process of accumulating and protecting their personal and retirement assets. With a multidisciplinary team of professionals, CAPTRUST has a unique capability to help you make well-informed wealth planning decisions. Our financial advisory services for key employees are designed to help them grow and protect their wealth.

This video highlights the financial complexity that key employees, executives, and highly compensated employees must navigate.  CAPTRUST’s corporate clients have access to a unique company paid advice offering that is tailored to their employees’ specific needs.  Contact your CAPTRUST financial advisor to learn more.



Secure online tools to allow clients to view their complete financial picture in a single place.

Business Succession

Financial planning and risk management related to the retirement, disability, or death of a business owner or other key employee. 

Cash Flow Planning &

Modeling and analysis of income, expenses, and savings to determine likelihood of achieving short- and long-term financial goals.

Corporate Benefits

Helping key employees understand their corporate benefits and how they coordinate with their needs, goals and financial objectives.

Education, Estate, &
Legacy Planning

Saving, investment, and wealth planning strategies intended to help clients address their other important life goals.

Insurance Analysis &

Evaluation of risks and potential insurance needs and development of strategies to address them.


Quarterly assessment of investment manager and portfolio returns and risk relative to peer groups and indexes.

Portfolio Construction &

Development and ongoing oversight of an investment strategy designed to achieve a client’s goals and objectives.


Financial advice and investment strategies designed to help clients achieve their post-career income and lifestyle objectives.