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For business owners and executives who need help managing their financial lives and planning for the future.

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We help executives and business owners manage their complex financial lives.

As business leaders and owners, our clients often have busy and complicated financial lives that require specialized focus. We help them create efficiencies and get back to what matters most.

As fiduciaries, we are legally bound to put your interests ahead of our own. And with decades of experience as investment advisors to retirement plan sponsors, we have a wealth of valuable insights we can leverage.

Our Suite of Services

Account Aggregation

Secure online portal enables clients to view their aggregated investment accounts and overall financial plan in one easy to use site.

Business Succession Planning

Financial and risk management strategies to protect wealth upon the retirement, disability, or death of a business owner or key employee.

Cash Flow Planning

Modeling and analysis of income, expenses, and strategies to understand the financial impact on long-term financial goals.

Corporate Benefits Planning

Financial advice to help clients make important decisions regarding company-provided benefits, stock options, deferred compensation, dividends, and distributions.

Education, Estate, & Legacy Planning

Oversight and alignment of estate and education planning documentation with a client’s long-term goals to protect and preserve substantial assets.

Exit Planning

Helping entrepreneurs and business owners address the personal, tax, legal, and financial aspects of the sale of a business.

Family Governance Planning

Family investment and multi-generation strategies including education, distribution planning, and long-term trustee solutions.

Family Philanthropic Planning

Consultation on entity selection, governance, active/passive giving, and strategic prioritization.

Insurance Planning

Coordinate liquidity needs with business and estate objectives through portfolio architecture, acquisition, ongoing reviews, and aggregate reporting.

Performance Reporting

Quarterly assessment of investment manager and portfolio returns and risk relative to peer groups and indexes.

Portfolio Construction & Management

Development and ongoing oversight of an investment strategy designed to achieve a client’s goals and objectives.

Retirement Planning

Financial advice and investment strategies designed to help clients achieve their post-career income and lifestyle objectives.

Risk Management

Often used in place of or alongside insurance planning, risk management covers areas such as liability planning, income tax nexus, and unexpected events.

Tax Consulting & Compliance

Tax consulting and compliance for individuals, trusts, estates, flow-through entities, and closely held entities.

To truly enrich the lives of our clients, we have to start by working backwards. First, we need to understand what people need and what problems we can help them solve. Then we can make sure they have the right tools and resources to succeed. That’s the way we’ve structured our firm and grown it over the years—by working to understand what people want and need.
J. Fielding Miller Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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