Government Entities

For tax-exempt government organizations that sponsor 403(b) or 457(b) retirement savings plans.

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CAPTRUST partners with government plan sponsors to provide investment advice and apply best practices and industry trends that optimize their retirement programs.

Our advisors work closely with governmental entities such as states, cities, counties, police and fire departments, K-12 schools, and water and utility districts to offer robust retirement benefits via defined benefit or defined contribution plans, which often complement state-run pension plans.

CAPTRUST can assist with plan governance, investment menu design, fund selection and monitoring, custom investment solutions, overall plan design, and fiduciary education.

Our Suite of Services

3(21) & 3(38) Services

Delivery of ERISA fiduciary risk management services for defined contribution retirement plans.

Actuarial Services

Provide consultative support on all aspects of your plan’s valuation and to meet all filing, certificate, and disclosure requirements.

Asset Allocation

Diversification of an investment portfolio across a variety of investment types with different risk and return characteristics.


One-on-one advice and financial wellness education to help employees maximize employer benefits and enhance their overall financial well-being.

Fee Benchmarking

Periodic assessment of the competitiveness or appropriateness of fees charged by investment managers.

Fiduciary Training

Periodic updates on retirement plan related issues and developments and best practices for retirement plan committee members. 

Glidepath Development & Monitoring

Creation and management of an age-based asset allocation strategy for retirement plan participants that becomes more conservative over time.

Investment Menu Design

Identification and structuring of appropriate investment options to be included in a defined contribution plan.

Investment Policy Development & Review

Assistance with the creation and execution of documents governing selection of plan investments and their ongoing monitoring.

Liability-Driven Investing

Development of investment strategies designed to fund future pension plan liabilities while managing risk.

Manager Search & Selection

Identification of investment managers fitting a particular profile for inclusion in a retirement plan’s investment menu.

Nonqualified Executive Benefits

Development of supplemental retirement savings plans to recruit, reward, and retain key employees.


Discretionary portfolio management that includes asset allocation, plus ongoing investment selection and monitoring for a pension plan.

Pension Risk Transfer Consulting

Analysis and support for sponsors looking to offload pension plan risk via lump sum or annuity payments.

Performance Reporting & Monitoring

Quarterly assessment of investment manager or portfolio returns and risk relative to peer groups and indexes.

Plan Design Benchmarking

Analysis of key defined contribution plan features that drive costs, competitiveness, and employee retention.

Plan Financing & Security

Analysis and advice on the costs and benefits of investments offsetting nonqualified deferred compensation plan liabilities.


Our comprehensive financial wellness solution for employers and retirement plan sponsors, CAPTRUST at Work provides personalized and actionable educational content and unbiased advice to increase employees’ financial confidence and empower them to improve their own financial well-being.

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J. Fielding Miller Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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