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The internship program at CAPTRUST is a world class experience that provides exposure to the inner workings of an investment advisory firm. All interns will receive department-specific work and have access to:

  • Weekly speakers covering a broad spectrum of relevant business knowledge, like resume building and interview skills, goal setting and career planning, marketing and social media, public speaking, and general professionalism
  • Panels featuring various employees, including former interns and leaders of our Inclusion + Diversity Committee and Employee Resource Groups
  • Lunch and Learns with executive leadership
  • Social events that facilitate networking across departments
  • One-on-one mentorship program with a CAPTRUST colleague
  • Shadowing opportunities outside of your department
  • Volunteer opportunities using paid volunteer time

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The Intern Experience

See how an internship at CAPTRUST can help shape your career. Watch this video to hear firsthand from our latest class of interns, as well as stories from interns who built their career at CAPTRUST.

Look below to learn more about the various departments at CAPTRUST and find the right opportunity for you.

Corporate Services


The Compliance team supervises the investment advisory activity of CAPTRUST. Compliance handles day-to-day account supervision, contracting, licensing, and communication with regulators; approves marketing materials, advertising, and correspondence; oversees recordkeeping; and coordinates continuing education. Our goal is to support our CAPTRUST colleagues (financial advisors, client service, operations, and more) so they can provide exceptional service.



Data Analytics and Reporting

The Data Analytics and Reporting team manages CAPTRUST’s Data Governance Program, including the reporting of our data quality, implementation of data policies, and identification of key data issues to ensure we provide service beyond expectation to clients and colleagues. We are responsible for the design, development, and management of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes and work with stakeholders to identify and execute on data automation opportunities. The team is also responsible for delivering high quality reporting solutions through Power BI, SQL, R, and other advanced analytics solutions to drive business decisions across the organization.


The Finance team is a critical component of CAPTRUST’s success and is responsible for the following areas: financial reporting and analysis, budgeting, cash management, billings and accounts receivable, and accounts payables. The Finance Team also leads shareholder matters; investor matters; debt issuance; equity issuance and redemptions; reporting for external parties (banks, auditors, tax); and merger and acquisition due diligence.

Our team proudly displays a commitment to service beyond expectation and a passion to continuously improve.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team focuses on serving employees by providing support for any benefits questions or issues; maintaining accurate records for all future, current, and past employees; and assisting with the onboarding of organic and acquisition hires.

Interns on this team will assist with the day-to-day operations of the HR functions, administrative duties, and data maintenance. They will also learn about our full suite of benefits, payroll processing, and the acquisition process.

IT Application Development

The IT Application Development team is responsible for designing, building, testing, deploying, and optimizing systems that drive the business at CAPTRUST. The team has a strong focus on cloud-development using modern constructs like PaaS and operation excellence, which is demonstrated daily in our software development life cycle processes. Key technologies include C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, and SQL Server.

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure team assists with onsite support, including laptop/desktop repairs, setting up/repairing conference room technology, troubleshooting printer or scanner issues, testing new software/hardware, maintaining hardware inventory, and onboarding new employee laptops for their first day.

Project Management

The Project Management team focuses on project delivery, process improvement, and product management. This team leads firm-level projects closely aligned with CAPTRUST’s strategic initiatives. This entails working with our colleagues to identify opportunities; define solutions; and deliver the right products, processes, and tools the right way. We work with all levels of stakeholders across every department, engaging with leadership to deliver high impact with the desired business outcomes.


The Recruiting team supports recruiting activities, such as coordinating and scheduling interviews and providing white glove service throughout the recruitment lifecycle.

Interns on the Recruiting team will provide administrative support to the human resource function as needed, including record keeping, administrative duties, and HRIS entry, in addition to their assistance with scheduling and coordinating.

Institutional Group

Institutional Portfolios

The Institutional Portfolios team supports endowment, foundation, and defined benefit pension clients accomplish their goals through a comprehensive suite of services. The team provides guidance on services like asset allocation, manager search and selection, investment policy, spending policy, and pension risk transfer. They also manage discretionary portfolios, sometimes referred to as Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) portfolios, for these clients.

Interns on this team will gain practical experience by assisting with client requests and special projects as we seek to deliver sound financial advice and service beyond expectation.

Executive Benefits

The Nonqualified Deferred Compensation business line was created in 2010 to help plan sponsors recruit, retain, reward, and retire key employees and educate plan participants. As a fee-for-service advisor with extensive industry experience, we provide objective, unbiased plan design, financing, recordkeeper, and investment advice that align with the best interests of our clients.

Interns on this team can expect to learn the basics of nonqualified retirement plans, while also contributing meaningfully to important group projects and deliverables.

Institutional Operations

The Institutional Operations team falls under the greater Institutional Client Services and Operations umbrella. Our team specializes in the centralized process of preparing, cleansing, and importing data in bulk to our CRM tool to create accurate and scalable client deliverables. We act as a liaison between our data providing vendors, business analyst teams, investment research teams, and client service professionals by facilitating the logistical aspects that are required to ensure the timely delivery and accuracy of client facing reports.

Interns on this team will assist in manipulating/processing data in bulk, importing data into our CRM tool, creating templates in Microsoft Excel to automate repeated processes, reviewing data from investment monitoring systems, troubleshooting, and auditing for errors on reports.

Vendor Analysis

The Vendor Analysis team is responsible for managing the analysis of service providers suitable for institutional clients and prospects. The team works to build and support relationships with vendors with the goal of establishing solid communication between the firm and outside organizations. Advisors and their clients rely on the Vendor Analysis Team for their broader knowledge of the vendor landscape, the nuances of each provider, and how trends in the industry are impacting our mutual clients.

Interns on this team will assist benchmarking and request for proposals (RFPs) projects, attend vendor meetings, and participate in due diligence conversations with our recordkeeping partners. Intern candidates will enjoy focusing on relationship building and communicating with vendors as a representative for CAPTRUST.

Investment Group

Investment Research

The Investment team includes experienced investment strategists who are client-facing subject matter experts available to assist financial advisors with complex investment topics. The team is committed to supporting our advisors by sharing insights from the Investment Committee through effective content, transparent communication, and investment strategy consulting.

Our investment strategists are segmented by business line across Defined Contribution, Defined Benefit, Endowments & Foundations, and Wealth Management. Through consulting with our advisors, we aim to support our clients by researching and presenting on investment-focused topics, such as market commentary, economic outlook, portfolio management, our Investment Committee House Views, capital market assumptions, recommended investment managers, and various specialized investment topics.

Portfolio Trading and Implementation

The Portfolio Trading and Implementation team is responsible for keeping all client accounts aligned to all centrally managed investment strategies offered to wealth and institutional clients. This involves creating orders to invest client assets, rebalancing, re-aligning portfolios based on tactical allocation shifts, and executing those orders in the open market. We also work closely with new offices and advisors to help them transition new portfolios into our suite of centrally managed strategies.

Interns on this team will be assisting with work like trade execution analysis, pre-trade analytics, process efficiency improvement projects, and portfolio management support.


Marketing & Communications

The Marketing team ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for all internal and external engagements with CAPTRUST. Our areas of focus include brand standards, editorial content, collateral, client marketing, business development, social media, media relations, event support, and overall marketing strategy for the firm.

Brand Marketing

The Brand Marketing team creates, promotes, and supports a wide range of elements aimed at delivering a consistent and exceptional experience across all aspects of a person’s interaction with CAPTRUST. This marketing arm includes three bodies of work—corporate marketing, content, and digital marketing—responsible for editorial strategy, SEO, SEM, social media, video production, email marketing, event support, lead generation, and quarter-end materials.

Business Development and Sales Enablement

CAPTRUST maintains an internal Business Development and Sales Enablement team that supports financial advisors with the assessment, development, and appropriate engagement of business development opportunities through internal resources and coordination, market intelligence, and historical data and trends to ensure a successful outcome. ​​​

Wealth Management Group

Participant Advice and Wellness

The Participant Advice and Wellness team provides independent, objective advice to the participants of our retirement plan clients. CAPTRUST is here to help participants plan, save, invest, and retire comfortably. Our goal is to make participants feel confident about meeting their financial goals.

Interns on this team would help with projects the participant advice and wellness team is working on to enhance the experience for our clients and participants.

Wealth Client Service

The Wealth Client Service team focuses on delivering daily support to our financial advisors (FAs) and clients through strong teamwork, continuous improvement, and an entrepreneurial spirit as they strive to consistently provide service beyond expectation. Collaboration is a crucial element for client management consultants (CMCs) to provide high-quality support to their FAs and clients. CMCs work closely with several other departments within the firm, including those that focus on trading, investments, performance reporting, finance, wealth solutions, compliance, and legal, as well as custodians and other third-party vendors. This allows interns to have a more holistic experience of the industry and CAPTRUST.

Interns on the Wealth Client Service team will assist with data review, clean-up projects, record/document maintenance, paperwork for opening and onboarding new clients, and ensuring that all client Investment Goal and Objective (IGO) forms are up to date.

Wealth Operations

The Wealth Operations team is a centralized, non-client facing team dedicated to supporting our client management consultants and financial advisors during new account onboarding process and managing CAPTRUST’s custodial relationships. The team works closely with our custodial partners, as well as many other internal departments—including Wealth Client Service, Finance, and Performance Reporting—to open accounts, complete transfers, and setup billing. Teamwork and client experience is at the heart of everything the Wealth Operations Team does with a commitment to accountability, data integrity, compliance, and efficiency.

Interns on the Wealth Operations team will assist with data review, clean-up projects, record/document maintenance, paperwork for opening and onboarding new clients, and ensuring that all client Investment Goal and Objective (IGO) forms are up to date.

Wealth Planning

The Wealth Planning team directs our financial planning services for CAPTRUST’s advisors and wealth management clients.

Interns on this team will learn and assist with using our financial planning technology, new office integrations, prospective client analysis, project work, and communications with CAPTRUST advisors as well as other teams.

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Hear from Our Interns

Find out what some of our 2022 interns have to say about their time at CAPTRUST!

Since March of 2022 I have had the opportunity to intern on the recruiting team at CAPTRUST, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had to grow and learn, both personally and professionally, at this organization. Throughout my time at CAPTRUST I have experienced the amazing culture, connections, mentors, and much more that there is to offer. My manager, Juanita Evans, has cultivated such a supportive environment for me to learn and ask questions, and she is always willing to share her knowledge with me. During my internship I have learned how to schedule and coordinate candidate interviews, create and close jobs in ADP, source candidates, update job descriptions, and have even started coordinating for our upcoming 2023 summer internship program! With my fellow interns, I played in the summer kickball league, volunteered at three amazing organizations, attended several networking events, had an incredible mentor, and the list goes on. CAPTRUST has given me a place to learn and grow more than I ever expected to, and I can’t wait to continue doing just that. I am truly proud to be a part of the CAPTRUST community!
Cameron Blue
Intern | Human Resources
My internship experience during the summer of 2022 could not have been better! I was one of two interns on the Defined Contribution team and worked under Yodit Micaele, who is an Excel wizard that I got to learn so much from! From the start, Yodit jumped right in and taught me how to complete fund comparisons. From there, I got to learn how to do more complex deliverables like full prospect analyses and fee calculations; as an intern, to be able to see the impact you are making and leave on your team is such a rewarding experience and one that you don’t get at a lot companies. I also got to work alongside Yodit and help her with projects that helped the DC team be more efficient in their day-to-day work. I gained so much industry knowledge about the financial industry and retirement plans during my time at CAPTRUST. Before coming into this internship, I didn’t know what I wanted my career to look like. Soon after I started, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do post-graduation. It is important to me that I like what I am doing and who I am doing it with, and here at CAPTRUST, I was lucky enough to find both! The internship program is one like no other because of all the opportunities that CAPTRUST gives you. They allow you 16 hours of paid volunteering, organize two weekly sessions learning about different parts of the company, and offer opportunities to participate in a summer kickball league and present your final presentation in front of the executives and managers from other teams. My interpersonal, professional, and technical skills all were improved because of this internship. I could not have asked for a better summer or a better company to work for! During my interview process, the colleague I spoke to couldn’t put the company culture in words, and I can finally understand why and all I can tell you is that you will just have to experience the CAPTRUST culture to understand it fully; it is truly one of a kind!
Ali Schuh
Intern | Defined Contribution
The two and a half months I spent this past summer at CAPTRUST amounted to one of the most eye-opening, challenging, informative, and rewarding experiences of my life. Since the first day of orientation and training, I was impressed by the level of integrity, respect, collaboration, and sense of community within the building. Any company can preach their core values and culture to new hires, but at CAPTRUST, every person lived out these principles daily. It was truly special to be a part of an organization where everyone’s primary motivation is to serve others. I performed a variety of tasks over the summer, including filling out and updating documents to onboard new clients and maintain existing client relationships; working extensively in the company’s CRM system to maintain and update client records; creating spreadsheets for advisors; and collaborating with colleagues and other interns to respond to specific requests from managers, advisors, and clients. Additionally, my cohort of WCS interns was assigned various special projects, one of which allowed us to network with members of nearly every department at CAPTRUST. These activities gave me great exposure to the policy, process, and breadth of responsibility in an RIA firm, and helped me develop a firm understanding of the industry as well. Despite their busy schedules, every person I met was extremely willing to set aside time to guide me through daily tasks, teach me valuable industry knowledge, and provide wisdom and career advice. I had the opportunity to meet and shadow over 140 colleagues and fellow interns during my internship, including members of the Wealth Client Services team, various financial advisors, and members of nearly every department at CAPTRUST. Their guidance and friendship helped me grow both as a person and a professional and find my passion in advisory. Some of my favorite memories about this internship include meeting with my assigned mentor, kickball games, community service days, pancake breakfasts, Young Professionals networking events, weekly training sessions, and lunches with the other interns. I’m extremely grateful for this experience.
Ryan Wahlers
Intern | Financial Planning