Welcome to Wealthview!


WealthView is an easy-to-navigate online portal designed to help organize and aggregate your financial information. With WealthView, you can do things like track your spending, set up a budget, view your investments, and keep track of important financial documents.

To get you started, below are a few helpful procedures on how to connect your accounts, accessing WealthView on your mobile device, and information about WealthView’s security and confidentiality.

We hope you enjoy your new financial empowerment with WealthView!


Connect Your Accounts (for current users)

1. Visit captrust.com/wealthview.

2. Log in.

3. Click on “Add Accounts” section under the Home page. Then click “I have an online login to this account”.

4. Enter the institution name or website address, and click search.

5. From the list, select the institution you use to login. Then read the “Acknowledge Institution Notice” and click “Continue”.

6. Enter your credentials and click “Connect”. NOTE: The system will take a moment to verify and retrieve your information.

7. The account values are pulled through onto the accounts page.

Access WealthView on your Mobile Device

1. On your mobile device, visit captrust.com/wealthview.

2. Before you log in, add or save the link to your Home Screen. NOTE: an icon should appear directing you how to do this. You will want to do this first or the icon will disappear.

3. Enter your login credentials.

WealthView Security and Confidentiality

Only your CAPTRUST financial advisor and administrative CAPTRUST personnel have access to your WealthView information. WealthView is a non-transactional online portal and no one – including you – has the ability to transact or transfer funds in any way using WealthView. For more information on the advanced security features on WealthView, please watch our security video.

If you have questions, please call your CAPTRUST financial advisor.

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