2023 Fiduciary Training Series, Part 1: Fiduciary Fundamentals (Webinar Recording)

As retirement plan sponsors know well, the responsibilities and requirements of complying with laws, standards, and best practices are significant and evolving.

At CAPTRUST, we find that most organizations, regardless of size, choose to rely on a plan committee to oversee and make critical decisions related to their retirement plans. Because of this, a plan committee and its members can shoulder a heavy load as they continuously monitor and make decisions regarding the plan’s investments, operations, administration, fees, and more.

One of the best things you can do for your committee members and your organization is to provide these individuals appropriate training.

In this webinar recording, our seasoned retirement professionals highlight fiduciary fundamentals, including:

  • An overview of ERISA
  • How to identify plan fiduciaries
  • An outline of fiduciary obligations
  • Fiduciary duties as outlined by ERISA

[Yesterday 3:23 PM] Inglhofer, Kelly

To download a copy of the transcript, click here.

Additional Resource

Article: Fiduciary Update | February 2023

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