The State of Oregon PERS Expo

In episode eight of Revamping Retirement, Mike Webb chats with Dean Carson and Roger Smith from the State of Oregon about their innovative and highly regarded Retirement Savings Expo, an annual event that provides employees an opportunity to learn about their benefits in one place, with a creative and fun approach.

At the Expo, employees have direct access to valuable retirement planning activities, resources, and other useful information and can meet with the State of Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (Oregon PERS) and Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP) retirement counselors, health insurance experts, and investment professionals. There are also workshops and resources tailored for everyone—from the newest public employee to someone ready to retire.

While many retirement plan sponsors struggle to engage participants, the State of Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (Oregon PERS) Expo has amassed a following among their employees, exceeding attendance expectations every year. Learn how the Expo got its start, how they keep their members coming back, and what the future holds.

Episode 8

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