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From Passion Pursuits to Investment Features, VESTED Magazine features a diverse collection of topics and interests.

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Planning Feature

Making 80 the New 60

When Dana Gibson was feted at her 80th birthday party, several people attested to how she operates more like a 60-year-old...

Lasting Legacy

Stop an Heir War

In Hollywood movies, when a patriarch or matriarch dies, the relatives gather to find out what money or valuables they’ve inherited....

Client Conversations

Client Conversations – Winter 2022

In this installment of Client Conversations, we explore the unique benefits of nonqualified defined contribution plans, look at options for covering...

Money Mindset

What’s so Bad about Inflation?

We’ve been hearing a lot about inflation lately, but what’s all the hype about? Some of it is practical. Restarting the...

Investment Feature

Inflation: What’s in the Basket?

In late 2021, after months of growing anticipation about inflation pressures, the closely watched Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure surged to...

Expert Angle

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Most of us picture our golden years as an enjoyable medley of fun and relaxation. Time with the grandkids, that trip...

Planning Feature

Striking a Balance on Spending

During his working years, Fritz Gilbert was a super saver: He socked away an average of 20 percent of his earnings...

Passion Pursuits

A Taste of History

Who’s hungry for a taste of their culinary history? Whether you are interested in discovering the special place lavash holds in...

Second Act

A Stroke of Luck

As an entrepreneur in his 20s and 30s, Sean Entin used his boundless energy to build an almost perfect life for...

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