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From Passion Pursuits to Investment Features, VESTED Magazine features a diverse collection of topics and interests.

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Lasting Legacy

Seen and Heard

Playwright and theater producer Vy Higginsen grew up in a classic Harlem brownstone near the famed Apollo Theater, where legends like...

Investment Feature

Cultivating Confident Humility

“I don’t know” is often the difference between success and failure in the investment world. Unfortunately, these three words are rarely...

Expert Angle

Living Through a Late-Life Crisis

Not long ago, David Shapiro lived a dream come true. The professor from Seattle spent a year teaching philosophy to children...

Money Mindset

Master the Disaster

After a long buildup on the Ukrainian border, Russian troops invaded Ukraine in late February, sparking a regional war and unleashing...

Passion Pursuits

Learning the Ropes

All ages can do it, and if you try it, you might get hooked. Tom Weaver was 63 when he accidentally...

Second Act

A Lawyer’s Big Leap

In 1972, 21-year-old Joe Dworetzky sauntered into the American Express office in Bogotá, Colombia, to see if he had any mail....

Client Conversations

Client Conversations – Summer 2022

In this installment of Client Conversations, we look at the benefits of naming a trusted contact for your investment accounts and...

Lifestyle Feature

Cancer Survivors Talk New Normal

In the years before she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Samantha Harris was a literal “picture of health on the cover...

Planning Feature

Making 80 the New 60

When Dana Gibson was feted at her 80th birthday party, several people attested to how she operates more like a 60-year-old...

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