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Comprehensive wealth planning and investment advice, tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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We help individual investors, business owners/executives, professional athletes, and families manage their financial lives and achieve their unique goals. Our services include financial planning, portfolio management, investment advice, and concierge family office services.


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Life’s journey is filled with choices. There are small choices like what’s for breakfast, and there are big choices like when to retire or how to best protect and grow your assets. Whether you’re a professional athlete, an executive, a business owner, [a] retirement plan participant, or just someone trying to make good investment decisions for yourself and your family, CAPTRUST can put you on the path to financial wellness. As a fiduciary and investment advisor to some of the country’s biggest retirement plans, CAPTRUST has the experience and the knowledge to best serve your wealth planning, risk management, and investment challenges. Come grow with advisors you trust. Come grow with CAPTRUST.

Our Clients

Individual Investors

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For individuals and couples who want financial planning, risk management, and investment services tailored to their needs and goals.

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Executives & Business Owners

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For business owners and executives who need help managing their financial lives and planning for the future.

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Families with Complex Needs

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For wealthy families with complex needs and considerations that go beyond the scope of what most wealth management firms can deliver.

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Professional Athletes

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For professional athletes seeking a comprehensive approach that addresses both their current and future financial circumstances.

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