Ben Christensen

Senior Vice President,
Financial Advisor

Education & Other Highlights

Ben Christensen is a wealth management financial advisor based in Wichita, KS.

A former Major League Baseball first-round draft pick, CAPTRUST financial advisor Ben Christensen provides customized family office services, financial planning, and advice to professional athletes and high net worth clients across multiple generations, around the country.

Drawing from his personal experience as a professional baseball player, Christensen knows that many athletes are young and highly compensated—often for the first time in their lives—but may not understand how their finances are likely to change over time. He helps them by managing all facets of their finances to optimize their financial goals and dreams.

Christensen says it is part of his job to make sure his clients are educated on the basic building blocks that will contribute to their future financial wellness. “I teach them some of the financial lessons that most of them have not been taught before, like how to write a budget, the process and details of making a large purchase, such as a vehicle or home, reviewing and assisting in credit building and repair, as well as estate planning,” he says.

Throughout his more than 15 years of experience as an advisor, Christensen has refined his approach, meeting every athlete where they are. “Being 100 percent transparent is the biggest part of the process,” he says. “I know the statistics. I’m realistic about the probabilities. And I know what it’s really like to live the lifestyle of a professional athlete. That’s my differentiator.”


  • Bachelor of Arts and Science degree from Wichita State University


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