Effectively managing a retirement plan is a complex and ever-evolving responsibility. The annual plan audit, often regarded with apprehension by plan sponsors, requires a significant commitment of time, effort, and financial resources. Plan sponsors must also grapple with a growing array of auditor inquiries and heightened documentation demands—a direct consequence of the expanding scope of auditing standards in recent years. Furthermore, the possibility of audits conducted by regulatory bodies, such as the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service, looms in the background.

To learn what can be done to prepare for these audits, ensure ERISA compliance, and manage fiduciary risks, watch the next installment of our Fiduciary Training webinar series. During this one-hour session, Director of Retirement Plan Consulting Dawn McPherson hosts a panel of three subject-matter experts:

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Which comes first: the needs of your organization or the desires of your donors? Is there a way to balance both? 

Having proactive, constructive conversations with donors is essential to serving your mission while ensuring your endowment is honoring donor intent. In this webinar recording, you will hear from two nonprofit peers about how their organizations navigate sensitive conversations around legacy planning and donor engagement. Also, listen in as we explore the legal constructs surrounding donations. 

Moderated by CAPTRUST Director of Endowments & Foundations Heather Shanahan, this webinar recording we explore:

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For law firms looking to stand out in the battle for talent, offering the right combination of retirement benefits that meets the unique needs of both partners and staff is critical.

In this webinar recording, you’ll hear from two experienced retirement plan sponsors: Jennifer Halliday, chief human resources officer from ArentFox Schiff, and Don Mazursky, ERISA attorney at Smith Gambrell Russell, about best practices and strategies for retirement plans designed specifically for the legal industry. Topics covered include:


As one of the largest independent providers of fiduciary investment advisory services, CAPTRUST works with more than 170 law firms around the country on defined contribution, defined benefit, cash balance, and partner equity programs. If you’re ready to make your retirement plan stand out, please join us.

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For years, plan sponsors encouraged participants to save and grow their retirement assets. As baby boomers retire, many plan sponsors are shifting their focus to decumulation—withdrawing money from the plan.

Moderated by Manager of Vendor Analysis Audrey Wheat and featuring Financial Advisors Cara Cannon and Evan Holmes, this webinar recording explores:

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Charitable giving is an important part of many financial plans since it allows individuals to support meaningful causes and provides strategic planning opportunities. However, gifts that are made as cash donations may not provide the maximum benefit to the donor or the recipient. To supercharge the impact of your charitable giving, consider when, how, and what to donate. 

During this webinar, our team of subject matter experts discuss several of the main charitable giving strategies, including the use of appreciated securities, bunching deductions, nonpublic assets, qualified charitable distributions, charitable trusts, and donor-advised funds.

As always, this webinar begins with an update on current market conditions from CAPTRUST Chief Investment Officer Mike Vogelzang.

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Making investment decisions for an organization’s retirement plan can prove challenging. Plan sponsors must consider how to maintain a competitive benefit offering while facing complex fiduciary requirements and increasing litigation in the retirement plan space.

The next installment of our Fiduciary Training webinar series focuses on fiduciary responsibilities related to retirement plan investment menus. Specifically, we discuss investment menu construction, investment policy statements, and investment-related fees, as well as maintaining or delegating fiduciary responsibility for investment-related decisions. 

Director of Retirement Plan Consulting Dawn McPherson moderates a panel of three additional subject matter experts. They are CAPTRUST Financial Advisor Catherine Ellis, CAPTRUST Investment Strategist Kevin Fieldman, and Joshua Sutin, ERISA counsel at Chamberlain Hrdlicka.

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Fiduciary Training Part III: Retirement Plan Investment Menus slide deck

Effective investment menu construction hinges on simultaneously allowing for the diverse financial needs and sophistication of plan participants and maintaining a reasonable number of core options. Done well, an attractive menu of investment options and account management programs can enable plan participants to feel confident in the tools they have and prudently invest their retirement savings.

Moderated by Defined Contribution (DC) Manager Pete Ruffel, our panelists cover a range of topics from capital preservation to retirement income as they discuss the lineup of today and that of the future. You will also hear about DC investment menu approaches, benchmarking, and trends.

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The need for philanthropic resources is highest during periods of market stress. Nonprofits need partners with deep expertise, access to market intelligence, and aligned interests to help them meet their investment, spending, governance, and fundraising challenges. However, finding that partner via an advisor request for proposal (RFP) can be daunting.

Having responded to more than 3,000 RFPs and helped in the creation of the industry-standard RFP response template, CAPTRUST can help you optimize the RFP process from beginning to end. In this webinar recording, we present a step-by-step guide to aid you in planning, preparing, and executing on this important body of work. This panel discussion between Marketing Manager Rebecca Hughes, Marketing Manager Megan Cutter, and Vice President, Financial Advisor Will Chitwood also covers:

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April 2023 Market Update

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You’ve spent decades planning, saving, and investing, so that you and your loved ones can live comfortably. Chances are that you have an estate plan in place as well. But, when was the last time you reviewed it for outdated information or missed opportunities?

Listen to our panel of experts on risk management and legacy planning, featuring Elie Foy, an estate planning attorney at Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP. This estate planning check-in covers

This webinar recording begins with an update on current market conditions from CAPTRUST Chief Investment Officer Mike Vogelzang.

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The pace of retirement plan lawsuits remains consistently high, and these lawsuits are increasingly more complex, time consuming, and costly. This reinforces the importance of fiduciary training for all plan sponsors.

In the next installment of our Fiduciary Training webinar series hosted by Director of Retirement Plan Consulting Dawn McPherson, we focus on current fiduciary litigation themes and developments. Further, we cover the practical implications of the litigation trends for plan sponsors and provide key takeaways to help improve plan governance and minimize risk.

This panel discussion features CAPTRUST Principal and Financial Advisor Jim Strodel, and guest speakers Julie Stapel and Matt Sharbaugh, partners at Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP. Matt is an ERISA litigator and Julie counsels plan sponsors on compliance with ERISA’s fiduciary rules. They each bring their perspectives on these timely and important topics.

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Fiduciary Training Part II – May 3 2023 Slide Deck

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