Anticipating SECURE 2.0 Changes (Webinar Recording)

Retirement plan sponsors and their recordkeepers are busy digesting the 90+ provisions included in the SECURE 2.0 Act, which passed at the end of 2022.

As retirement plan sponsors and their recordkeepers prepare to integrate applicable provisions, common questions are arising. Some relate to the details of Roth provisions, emergency savings accounts, and student loan repayments. Others ask about recordkeeper differences and how to understand participant needs.

In this webinar recording, CAPTRUST retirement plan practice leaders will review some frequently asked questions they are hearing from plan sponsors across the country and offer potential guidance and best practices for moving forward. Watch the recording and learn:

  • When key provisions will become available, and which are required vs. optional
  • Which provisions are getting the most attention in the industry
  • Which provisions need the most guidance to move forward
  • How to talk to your recordkeeper about your needs  
  • Best practices for participant communication

To download a copy of the transcript, click here.

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