Barbara Bradley Hagerty

Barbara Bradley Hagerty is a longtime National Public Radio on-air journalist and author. Her sabbatical turned into an exploration of midlife satisfaction and a book about her personal journey: Life Reimagined: The Science, Art, and Opportunity of Midlife. Chock full of personal stories and gleanings from her life experiences, this series of videos from VESTED Voices brings viewers concrete steps that will help make midlife the best time of life.

Life Reimagined – Ep. 1
In this first episode of VESTED Voices, we introduce Barbara—author, journalist, and expert on thriving in the second half of life. Listen in as she looks at the neurology, psychology, biology, genetics, and sociology behind midlife transformation and explains why there’s no such thing as an inevitable midlife crisis.

Midlife Crisis – Ep. 2
Can a 70-year-old man on a walker be happier than a 40-year-old man running a marathon? According to Barbara, the answer is yes! Watch and listen as she demystifies the concept of a midlife crisis and weighs in on the latest industry research.

Friendships – Ep. 3
Barbara weighs in on the importance of keeping friendships as we age. Tune in for a look into the biological, neurological, and emotional ways friendships can give us a leg up as we reach midlife and beyond.

Punctuation – Ep. 4
Most of our personal journeys are punctuated with big life events, like going off to school, getting married, and starting a family. That is, until midlife. In this short video, Barbara gives viewers advice on the importance of putting punctuation back into life during midlife and beyond.

Generativity – Ep. 5
Spend two minutes with Barbara as she speaks about generativity: the need to nurture and guide younger people and contribute to the next generation. Listen in as she explains the value of harnessing your own talents and experience to do something meaningful in midlife and beyond.

Producer and Director: Matt Durning

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