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The CAPTRUST Difference

Clients are looking for tangible differentiators to assist them in decision making when choosing a financial advisor. We have worked hard to build our firm with professional distinction. The differences quickly become apparent.

At CAPTRUST, each client is served by an advisor who is a fiduciary, operating in an unfettered and objective environment. As we have recently seen in the news, this is not true with banks, brokerage firms, and many registered investment advisors where murky economics and sales incentives influence their day-to-day operations.

At CAPTRUST’s inception, we committed that we would maintain a pristine reputation for providing completely objective advice to our clients. We vowed to never accept anything of any value from an investment manager or retirement plan service provider. This includes everything from pay-to-play arrangements to sponsorships of company events to lunches, dinners, trips—not even as much as a golf ball. While accepting these payments and gratuities were and still are commonplace in our industry, we decided to forge a different path.

At CAPTRUST, we have experts and expertise. Our firm’s size allows us to have resources in-house that most firms simply don’t have. This includes professional financial planning, client service, and investment research teams.

At CAPTRUST, we have been exhaustively vetted by some of the largest corporations and universities in the country. We revel in the environment of institutional scrutiny and win in that marketplace on a daily basis. There is no tougher or more competitive market in our industry when it comes to quantitative and qualitative due diligence. As one of our senior partners likes to say, “The more you peel the onion, the better we look.”

It is not unusual for our pre-hire efforts in the institutional market to result in a more than 50 pages of responses to due diligence questions designed to ferret out weaknesses, conflicts, and fiduciary flaws. That is a defining benefit and advantage for current and future clients.

We urge any prospective client to peel the layers of the onion, identifying our distinctions and comparing us to other industry players. We encourage our advisors to help prospective clients work through this often-confusing research and due diligence process to enable them to make the best choice for themselves and their families.

We are confident that they will make the right choice—THE CAPTRUST CHOICE!