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Endowments & Foundations
Retirement Plan Sponsors

Endowments & Foundations

Committee education, donor development, OCIO services, performance reporting, and investment management are just some of the financial services we provide to our nonprofit clients.

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Whether you want wealth planning and portfolio management, help with family governance and philanthropic strategies or something different, our financial advisors are ready to help.

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Retirement Plan Sponsors

We support thousands of employer organizations via 3(21), 3(38), and OCIO services, fiduciary partnerships, plan design optimization, financial wellness programs, and more.

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When it comes to your financial goals, we understand the importance of trust and transparency. At CAPTRUST, our centralized model allows each advisor to access the resources they need to foster a best-in-class experience for each client. Find out how we can help you overcome your unique challenges by connecting with your local CAPTRUST office today.

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Creating Richer Lives

Hosted by Karl J. Eggerss

Welcome to “Creating Richer Lives”, where living a richer life goes beyond the balance in your bank account. In fact, being rich is about what you do with your dollars and how the choices you make with your money not only define your lifestyle now but impact your legacy for years to come. It’s time to redefine what it means to have a richer life.

Our process begins with education. We believe that every client benefits from understanding the why—not just the how—when it comes to managing their money.
Karl Eggerss


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From best practices and market insights to financial planning strategies, our team is sharing must-know information for every client type.