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Revamping Retirement Podcast

Maximizing Benefits in a Tight Labor Market

With the labor market likely to be a prevailing employer concern in 2022, Jennifer Doss and Scott Matheson provide context around the contributing factors and offer some action items to help plan sponsors differentiate their retirement plan and maximize the impact of their benefit dollars. Later, Chief Investment Officer Mike Vogelzang level sets expectations for the economic and market landscape in the new year.

In episode 36 of Revamping Retirement, Jennifer Doss and Scott Matheson tackle one of the predominant themes of 2022—the tight labor market. As organizations react to the newest supply chain issue, many retirement plan sponsors are scrambling to understand what they can do to differentiate their retirement plan in an effort to recruit and retain talent. Jennifer and Scott provide context on the employment squeeze and the drivers behind it. They also offer actionable ideas on how organizations can ensure their plan is competitive, highlight distinguishing features, and maximize the impact of their benefit dollars. 

Chief Investment Officer Mike Vogelzang joins the conversation to discuss why we should manage our market expectations in 2022 following the banner period of the past few years. 

Later, Mike Webb provides insight on how plan sponsors can navigate and prevent loan overutilization in Minute with Mike.

Episode 36

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