CAPTRUST Named to Barron’s 2022 List

Barron’s recently honored 20 CAPTRUST advisor teams with the prestigious 2022 Top 100 Institutional Consulting Teams list.

Barron’s released its 2022 rankings for the Top 100 Institutional Consulting Teams, including 20 CAPTRUST teams from across the country. The goal of the award is to shine a spotlight on the nation’s best financial advisors, with an eye towards raising standards in the industry. Criteria for this recognition includes assets under management, revenue, and quality of practice. The firm represents 20 percent of the 100 spots for this year’s list.

These CAPTRUST teams and their key advisors were ranked as follows:

#2 – Team New York/Boston, led by Michael Volo, Jeffery Levy, and Michael Sanders
#10 – Team Allentown, led by Jim EdwardsWes Schantz, and Jeff Loehwing
#12 – Team Schott, led by Stephen Schott
#25 – Team Doylestown, led by Chris Kulick, Paul Schaffer, Scott Wertheim, and Sean Teesdale
#27 – Team Bailey, led by Eric Bailey
#28 – Team Stanicek, led by Jason Stanicek
#29 – Team Atlanta, led by Philly JonesEvan Melcher, Zack Sadler, and Drew McCorkle
#33 – Team Dallas, led by John Pickett and Travis Whitten
#34 – Team Strickland, led by Jon Strickland
#37 – Team Esch, led by Dan Esch
#39 –  Team Strodel, led by Jim Strodel
#41 – Team Schmitt, led by Barry Schmitt
#50 – Team Birmingham, led by Paul Owen, Phil Anderson, and Beau Williams
#55 – Team South Michigan, led by Dori Drayton and Susan Shoemaker
#56 – Team Wilt, led by Steve Wilt
#60 – Team Des Moines, led by Jean Duffy and Andrew Shimp
#69 – Team Eskamani, led by Shaun Eskamani
#70 – Team DiGiacomo, led by Dan DiGiacomo
#81 – Team Pratico, led by Mike Pratico
#84 – Team Medlin, led by Mark Medlin

To view the full list from Barron’s, click here.